Payatrader Lite

FREE to join!

Payatrader Lite is designed for businesses that only require a single card acceptance channel.You can choose to accept payments;

  • Online at your website
  • By telephone, or
  • Face-to face using Chip & PIN

To find out more about what services are included go to the 'Multi-Channel' menu.Please note you can only apply for one Payatrader Lite account. This can be upgraded to add other services once your account is open.

Get the code

To qualify for the FREE account you must use one of the special promo codes when you apply:

Online payments - use code PLPB
Telephone payments - use code PLVT
Chip & PIN payments - use code PLCP

Please take care to use the correct code as this cannot be subsequently changed.

With the Chip & PIN option you will need to purchase or rent a terminal to be able to process a payment.


Charges for Online & Telephone payment accounts are 2.9% on all Visa and MasterCard transactions and 2.95% for Amex.

If you choose the Chip & PIN account you will be charged a lower rate of 2.5% on all Visa and MasterCard transactions, and 2.95% for Amex.

Upgrade any time

If you upgrade you can use all of our payment channels to process payments. You will also move to our variable Payatrader (multi-channel) account processing rates that automatically reduce based on your weekly card turnover.

Larger business?

Our Pay Monthly Direct Merchant Account is perfect for businesses with higher card turnovers or that prefer to have their own merchant account. It offers competitive rates from 0.44% on debit cards and 0.80% for credit cards.

If you're taking card payments worth more than £30,000 each year you could be better off. To find out more, please visit or call us on 0333 123 1243

Or If you'd like an instant Online Quote, click the big button now!

Larger business?