About Payatrader


The easy way to accept credit and debit card payments.


Payatrader brings credit and debit card acceptance to small businesses. Designed for use with a wide range of businesses such as plumbers, electricians, gardeners, cleaners and mobile hairdressers, Payatrader brings greater choice, convenience and control.

Taking a credit or debit card payment guarantees the funds, unlike cheques which can bounce after they have been paid into the bank. And card payments means that time isn't spent taking cheques to the bank - it all happens automatically. This means that businesses save valuable time on administration - time which can be spent running the business and generating more income.

The cheque guarantee facility was withdrawn in 2011 and cheques themselves are likely to be phased out over the coming years. With Cards becoming the dominant form of secure payment Payatrader is the UK's first dedicated card acceptance solution for small businesses.


It's simple. Traders apply to join Paya Card Services using our online application form. Once accepted, the trader is provided with an identity card which signifies their membership of the Payatrader service. If your customers wish to pay by card, there are several ways they can do this:

When the payment is made confirmation is provided either on screen, by SMS text message and/or email. If the card holder email address is provided an email receipt is sent automatically.

That's all there is to making a payment with Payatrader. There are a lot more features available on the website including online statements and invoicing, refund processing and account management facilities.


All MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards can be used to pay with Payatrader. This includes Maestro, Solo and Visa Electron cards.


Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we strive to ensure that all of our traders carry out work of the highest standard. Nevertheless, we know that sometimes things go wrong. After paying with Payatrader, in the unlikely event that a householder becomes dissatisfied with the work, they can dispute the transaction within 5 days of the payment date. We will work with both parties to get a satisfactory and rapid resolution.


Payatrader makes it easy for traders to manage both single and regular payments from customers. With Payatrader, traders have the option to use the website to send requests for payment to regular customers. This feature is ideal for traders such as gardeners and cleaners who often provide services whilst the householder is not at home.


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